Season 1

Episode 1: The Black Door

Voicemail: Night Drive

Episode 2: Do Not Ask Questions

Voicemail: The Countdowns

Episode 3: The Ghost Library & The Black Door II

Voicemail: Speculum Sanguisugæ

Episode 4: The City & The Labyrinth

Episode 5: Another Time, Another Place

Voicemail: Shadow

Episode 6: Broken Mirror

Voicemail: Dreaming Wrong

Episode 7: Paisley, or: The Man Who Stands In The Shade Of The Cypress Tree

Voicemail: An Interested Buyer

Episode 8: Queen of Cups

Episode 9: Blue is…

Episode 10: The Black Door III

Season II

Episode 1: Dying, Disappeared, and Dead

Episode 2: The City of New Orleans

Episode 3: The Forgotten Man

Episode 4: A Typeface for Horror

Episode 5: The Christmas Tree

Episode 6: Shadows in the Library

Episode 7: The Idea of Water

Episode 8:  Monsters of the Great Lakes

Episode 9: The Indistinct City