Radio broadcaster and parapsychologist Dr. Malcolm Ryder helps callers with their supernatural problems. Callers that are haunted by mysterious black doors, have strange beings appear in their cars while driving down lonely roads, but perhaps worst of all are the callers who’ve shaken hands with that dark dealmaker—The Traveling Salesman.

A Voice From Darkness is an audiodrama podcast filled with American folklore, magical realism, and supernatural horror.


Kristin Holland as Dr. Malcolm Ryder

Chantel Turner as Amanda Fullerton

Bonnie Bogovich as Professor Amelia Ryder

Nick Koyama as Andy Sullivan

Kyle Donelan as The Traveling Salesman


Please consult episode show notes for additional casting.


Show Theme Song — Out of the Gloom by Oliver Lyu

Today In Odd America Theme — Richard Heacock

Ravenswood Theme —  Saint Park


Show Cover Art

Trevin Wyant


Writer & Producer

Jac Rhys